Speaking Evil

Looking inwardly today, I know I have been guilty of speaking about or against others. Perhaps disagreeing is a better term. I’m not sure why we do this…Sometimes things trouble me and I have discussed it with the wrong people! I should only discuss it with my Pastor, but I’m not perfect.

In the multitude of words there is confusion! Do we always remember what we’ve said and to whom? Do we talk about things, to correct a situation, or get it off our minds or to gain support for ourselves? Do we do it to defend ourselves? I have!

Its not easy, when you know you are being ravaged by wolves mouths to just sit there and smile. But If we jump into the carnage, are we not – just another wolf?

With Gods help, today, I will cease to defend myself, and the attempt to convince others of my motives! As of today, I will do my best to speak only his word and stay out of the center of battles I did not create! Like the old folks use to say – I have no dog in this fight!

Oh that the words of my mouth would be pleasing in His sight. That they would minister grace to those who hear is my prayer….Oh that I could preach His word without controversy within myself or outside in others! There is a time and a place to talk about the actions of others. In church leadership, we often have to resolve issues we have no desire to know about at all. We also, see things that trouble us because it seems the words we preach fall on deaf ears. However, preach we must, to ourselves and to those who hear us.


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