Understanding a Shepherd

The only way to understand the nature of a pastor/ Shepherd is to look at Bible history. A shepherd had tools and areas he used to care for and protect the sheep.A shepherd carried a staff, which was a curved piece of wood, usually a sapling, with a piece of side-growth that formed a V-shape suitable for hooking an animal by its leg. He was also armed with a wooden club. This was to defend himself and his animals against beasts of prey on the look-out for a meal – this could be wolves and hyenas, jackals, or even in the early period lions and bears. He also had to contend with human animals of prey – thieves who sought to relieve him of some of his herd.


The shepherd had to give an accounting for every animal in his care. If someone stole an animal, the shepherd had to give the owner of the animals its current value. If a wild animal took one of his flock, the shepherd had to

Provide evidence of what had happened.


At night, animals were kept in a sheep-fold – an enclosure with a circular stone wall and one small entrance, just wide enough for one animal to pass through. At night, when the animals were inside the enclosure, the shepherd was expected to sleep lying across the entrance, his body providing a gate for the enclosure so that nothing could get in or out.

Jesus explained that He is the door to the Sheep fold! Wow…nothing by any means can get to us without crossing Him.


The Good Shepherd

Human Shepherds

The Sheep fold….


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