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Everyday Matters Bible for Women


“The Everyday matters Bible for Women” has a beautifully designed cover. The cheerful, colorful design is sure to be any ladies delight.  In comparison to the normal black leather Bible we all love and appreciate, it’s appearance is sure to be an attraction for many young women.

The introduction to each Bible book is informative and well written. I personally enjoyed the devotionals I found throughout the Bible. Each devotional is well written, with many contributors adding their voice to make this a unique reading pleasure. There are so many wonderful devotionals included in this Bible, I wouldn’t have space to share them here but one of my favorite devotions is “Why Fast” by Richard J. Foster? Mr. Foster explains todays world view, the Bible view, and a list of those who practiced fasting.   His devotional like all the others is informative and enlightening.

I believe this Bible would be a wonderful addition to any Christian bookshelf and a lovely Christmas gift for any lady in your family, young or old! I would encourage you to visit the website below and find out how to purchase this wonderful Bible.

Please visit their website Here


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