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Prayer Never Fails

Image“Prayer Never Fails” by Berney K. Dorton has been an inspiration to me.  The author takes us through a list of situations which makes prayer essential to a positive outcome. Mrs. Dorton asks “what is prayer” in one chapter of her book. The question caught my attention. Many authors have dealt with types of prayer but this author asks and answers this very valid question.

It is obvious that this sweet lady has gone through the storm, and as for me, it is comforting to hear – there is hope from someone who has traveled the road before me. The book itself is colorful and catches the eye. The reading is easy and her descriptions are vivid and instructional.  Mrs. Dorton makes full use of Scripture throughout her book and I would recommend it highly for the Christian going through the storm.

About the Author: Berney K. Dorton

Berney K. Dorton, a native of El Sobrante, California, is married, mother of three grown children, an accomplished registered nurse, professor, inspirational speaker, and author. She is the host of Flames of Fire ministry. She works with Circle of Love Men’s ministry, the Good News Jail ministry.


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