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Our web site conducted a local contest for taste testers at our local church. The ladies cooked, baked or used these products in their coffee, tea or  cereal. The ladies wrote a short review of the products they used and the taste compared to other sweeteners they use. Many of these ladies are diabetic and use sugar- free products often! Watch this site for the results and the ladies personal comments.
We have just introduced some great NEW ALL-NATURAL Gluten-Free products recently that I would love for you to sample.
They are…

Lemon NuStevia Liquid, Alcohol-Free, 2 oz. Bottle

Orange NuStevia Liquid, Alcohol-Free, 2 oz. Bottle

Peppermint NuStevia Liquid, Alcohol-Free, 2 oz. Bottle

These products are far superior than any other Flavored Stevia products available, that some Mfg. use artificial flavorings to produce. Just like our most popular Vanilla Stevia Liquid that is made with PURE Vanilla Extract, our NEW products use REAL Lemon/Orange/Peppermint ingredients that we feel confident you will find most appealing & bursting with great flavor. You won’t believe the fantastic aroma when you open the bottle !

Attached are a few samples of quick & easy recipes that some of our loyal “Food Enthusiasts” have prepared, and feel free to visit our website of to see what our customers have to say about cooking with our products to prepare healthier menu items WITHOUT SUGAR !


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