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Twisted Wolf

TwistedWolfPerry Perrett

About the Author:

Perry Perrett, when not escaping reality in a story, is a husband, father, and grandfather. He is a graduate of Mississippi College and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Perry also served in the Mississippi Air Guard during the Persian Gulf War. He lives with his wife, Kathie, in Mississippi. They have two grown sons.

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Book Details:

Publisher: Perry Perrett; 1 edition (January 9, 2013)
ISBN: 978-0-9888438-0-6
List Price: Softcover $14.99, Kindle $2.99
Format: Softcover or Kindle
Page Count: 397

My Review

“Twisted Wolf” by Perry Perrett is definitely a book many people would enjoy reading. The many twists and turns of this story are so intricate  – we dare not tell too much. This could be the story of anyone. It describes a President, as a human being with weaknesses  and strengths like any other man. Every temptation known to man is presented and the story surrounds one mans’ responses to it. The horrific traumas, trials, and loses are vividly portrayed in a way that we are brought into the action.   The David and Bathsheba similarities are awesome and Mr. Perretts’ use of imagery is wonderful. The things this character overcomes is astounding and in this persons opinion a great read.  This is a book written with great imagination, good story line and inspirational life lessons to be applied! I would recommend it for Christians and non Christians alike.



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