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Bible Stories with Related Art Lessons is a 5 DVD series that includes a Bible story artistically and dramatically presented for the entire family. There are 3 step by step art lessons on each DVD that are related to the Bible story presented. Children of all ages love the “POP” of the black light included in each lesson. Bonus features are included on each DVD such as the Plan of Salvation, a commentary by the chalk artist, etc.


About the Creator:

Pat Holt has a passion for children and a heart for missions. She has worked with children since she volunteered for church ministry at age 14 before earning degrees in education and instructional technology.  Since then, she’s taught in public schools and founded a Christian school while authoring many books including the bestselling When You Feel Like Screaming – Help For Frustrated Mothers and the award winning Don’t Give in, Give Choices, as well as being a guest on a multitude of radio and TV programs. She was awarded the Gold Medallion in Christian Education by the Evangelical Publishers Association. Pat and her husband, Dave, live in California.

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My Review

I chose to review the Bible Stories with Related Art Lessons.  The DVD I received is titled Shipwrecked.

I showed the Bible Story to my five year old grandson. He learned a great story from the Bible, watched the art lessons and adored the music. The lesson was a bit hard for him so 9-12 years olds would most benefit from them. I would recommend them for home-schools, Vacation Bible schools etc.

The instruction in art is very detailed and Pat is a great teacher. She takes the time to show students the utensils they will need, and the colors in particular to use.

My favorite idea is the art class focusing on Biblical principles. Home education with Bible foundations are often too expensive and difficult to master but this is an Art and Biblical curriculum in one with a price tag most could handle. I would recommend it for Christian families everywhere!


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