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“Get Real: Stop Living Behind the Mask!”

ISBN: 978-1449764043 | List Price: $11.99 | Format: Softcover | Page Count: 122

Get Real: Stop Hiding Behind The Mask


As a wife and mother of five, I know all too well how destructive building a façade that everything
is fine can be. Tearing down this wall and letting people see the real me-the pain, the struggles,
the tears, and the triumphs has been difficult but rewarding. Get REAL: Stop Hiding Behind the
Mask examines how to do just that. It delves into discovering a person’s true identity, centered on
God’s view of each of us, letting go of the insecurities that so easily entangle our lives and finally, living with eternal perspective-keeping our focus heavenward instead of inward.


Get to know Jamy Whitaker . . .


Wife: I am married to a wonderful man, Mitch. He is truly a blessing from God. He works as a project manager for Interior Fixtures. He is also looking into starting a greenhouse this spring, to sell seedlings and produce. When he is not working, he can be found roaming the 100 acre wood known as Whit-Akers.

Mom: I have 5 wonderful children. Yes, that’s right 5. I cannot believe that God blessed us with so many children. They range in age from 4 to almost 16. They are one of the greatest joys of my life.

Ministry: I am privileged to be a stay-at-home mom. This allows me to spend time
with the younger children during the day, as well as, taking care of our home.
Currently, I am on the executive leadership team for Proverbs 31 Online Bible
Studies. I really enjoy teaching and communicating with the women on the blog
and facebook group. As the children are growing the Lord has been preparing me
for following after my calling. The Lord is calling me into the area of ministry with
regards to speaking and writing. I am anxious to see what He has in store for me,
as I trust in Him to lead me along this journey. I long to bring others the Good News
and introduce them to my Saviour and Friend, Jesus.

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My Review

I love it! This author asks us to realize who we really are, accept who we are and then improve who we are. The Bible lessons she applies to these subjects are very beneficial and encouraging. Jamy has written twelve chapters of soul-searching truth. I especially love the Bible Study Questions on page 99. There is nothing like Gods word to shine a light on our lives! You will learn more about yourself through this little book than you can imagine. It is small but powerful and a great value for the money.

I personally would encourage folks to get this book for the whole family. Churches, families and Bible study classes could also benefit from this timely book!  We all try to put our best foot forward at times. We certainly don’t go to a job interview acting as we do at home, however, some hate themselves to the point that they are always wearing a disguise and this book helps remove it painlessly!

“Loving your frame” in chapter three will be especially heartwarming for many us with appearance issues.  Jamy points us back to the word of God and teaches us to be who we were meant to be in Christ…



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