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Gods Promises For Tough Times


Jen Sheppard/ God’s Promises For Tough Times
ISBN-10:1941317006 | ISBN-13: 978-1941317006 | List Price: kindle $2.99/ $13.49 print | Format: Kindle and Soft cover | Page Count: 80 pages
God’s Promises For Tough Times is a 30-day devotional that encourages you to give praise despite your circumstances, and guides you on how to do so when you feel like you have nothing left.

Overall, this book serves as a reminder on how to remain faithful in a faithless world.


Author Bio:
Jen Sheppard is a wife, homeschooling mother, and inspirational writer. She challenges people to take up their cross, turn from worldly traditions, and get back to following the Lord in truth. She is also the author A Wise Woman Builds Her House: Encouragement for Christian Stay at Home Mothers.

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My Review

This is a King James version Bible based, devotional. The writer encourages us to be strong, able bodied men and women of God. This is not the cuddly, feel good, and, poor pitiful me book, many look for in troubled times! It is a chin up – do what you have to – encouraging people to follow the Lord – book we all need in times of trouble.

I appreciate the scripture references and the life applications shared in this devotional. The encouragement to keep going during turmoil is a lifeline for those of us who feel like quitting during times of stress and hardship. I would encourage every Christian to buy this book!


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