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Bible Learning Cards

Bible Learning Cards

List Price: $14.99 per set| Format:Each set has 20 different 5″ by 7″ cards

Vicky Enright has been a children’s book illustrator and a Christian for many years. When a friend suggested the idea of creating Bible verse cards, she thought here was a chance to use her art to share the Good Word.

She selected verses that speak to children and to parents and created three sets of cards, one for young preschool children and two for elementary school children.


Preschool Cards:
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Verses that will get preschoolers off to a good start as a member of the family, as a friend, and in their walk with God. This set is ideal for children ages 0-5


Children’s Cards: The verses supply children with tools to overcome fears, and develop better relationships with family, friends and God. This set is ideal for children ages 4-11.



Courage & Comfort Cards:

These verses give courage to face the day, and comfort in the midst of it all.

This set is perfect for children 6-13.


When creating each set, great care was used to select topics and scenarios that children go through all the time. All cards are color coded, so parents and children can find verses to guide them in their friendships, their faith issues and helping them through their fears. These cards are adorable and applicable to kids lives.

Not surprisingly, parents say they enjoy the cards and say they feel their faith grow, along with their children’s!

Company Bio:

Words2remember4kids is based on the idea of getting children and parents to learn encouraging, comforting and classic Bible verses through illustrations and discussion starters on large flash cards. These cards are great for every day use around the house and in the car. We are a small company, with Vicky Enright as the illustrator, and Kristen Smith, who has her Masters of Divinity who helps with the verses and discussion starters. Our company is located in the Boston area.

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My Review

These cards are a nice size, laminated and very easy to clean! The bright pictures catch a child’s attention and the scripture reference is in bold print. For my family, they have made it easy to learn. I would recommend these flash cards to folks of any age. Both adults and children will find them useful in memorization. In his age of constant distractions, I find these cards  a wonderful family activity!


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